Holy Family Catholic Church



Dear Parishioners:

I am writing to announce an important change in the mask wearing policy for all attending Mass or any services at Holy Family Church. Beginning on Monday, October 5, masks or a face shield will be required for all persons entering the Church (except for children under the age of 2). The face covering must be worn throughout the Mass, from the time a person enters the Church until they leave.The previous policy required masks or face covering only on entering, leaving and during the Communion procession. We are now asking all parishioners to wear the face coverings any time they are in the Church.This change of policy is for your protection and for those around you. Since we are unable to maintain six feet of social distance in the Church, masks are essential to control the spread of the disease until we get the wide-spread distribution of a vaccine. If you choose not to wear a mask or face covering, you can always watch Mass on TV or the internet. The dispensation from attending Sunday liturgies is still in effect in the Diocese. Thank you for your compliance to this revised policy.

Fr. Bill Wheaton