Holy Family Catholic Church



Parish Council


The Holy Family Parish Council was established in union with the precepts and doctrines of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the Pope and its Bishops. The Council is to reach out to all the people of God, build up the Body of Christ, and fulfill His commission to spread the Good News. This is done through a pastoral effort of listening to the parishioner and community needs, empowering and focusing the parish community to realize this goal with clear communication to all.

Jed Durbano - President

Bruce Glenn - Appointed Mbr.

Jeanette Smyth - Council Secretary

Deacon Doug Smith

Jim Keegan - Appointed Mbr.



John Tekverk - Vocations

Barbara Burbridge - Appointed Mbr

Cherie Gilmore - Appointed Mbr.

Jace Clark - Appointed Mbr. 

Carl Leuschner - Director of Faith Formation

Mary Ann Atkins - HFCCW

Nelda Troyer - RCIA

Judy Mellott - CERT/Parish Saftey Corrdinator