Holy Family Catholic Church





Ushers representing the community of the parish, are called upon to function as hosts and hostesses. It is therefore incumbent upon them to bring to their service a sincere cordiality enlivened by a desire that all to whom they minister should really enjoy their participation in the Sunday Eucharist. For that to happen, people need to feel at home, at ease with one another, wanted, welcome. Here the ushers role is decisive in creating an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness among the members of the assembly. It is crucial in helping people to shed the inhibitions and rigidity too long associated with “going to church.”

Ushers also must assist all of the other ministries making up the liturgy of Mass in any way they can to assure that the liturgical experience is pleasant and meaning full to all that attend the service.

Lord in your love you gather your people into your
church. As you gather them this day, help me to serve them
in a Christ like manner, even as your Son served those who gathered
about him. Make me prayerful and patient, helpful and
understanding, and may I radiate the joy that faith brings as I serve
their needs. Give me your strength to support my fellow ministers
May all who assemble to celebrate our common faith in the risen
Savior be glad if heart for being here and for having encountered
your Son. In one another, in our priest, at the tables of the Book and
Bread and through the ministry of ushers like me. I ask this is Jesus
name. Amen